Wednesday, January 14, 2009

enter the confusion, pt. 2

I awoke with a start to find the beast staring hard at me, its fangs glistening as it -- well, no, it was just a squirrel. Looked like the little guy hadn't eaten anything in days. Which was befuddling, because I was surrounded by acorns. In fact, I had been woken up with an acorn right in between my eyes. Apparently this squirrel had never received the memo on what one does with acorns.

Pop! It chittered and hurried away as I recovered from another nut to my face. This was not my idea of a great time. I scrambled to my feet and looked around. Nothing new or unusual to be seen except this slightly confused squirrel. I dropped my kitchen knife to the ground and began to arrange my items. An apple was gone! No, wait, I had just eaten it before the nap. As I finished repacking my items it seemed forward was my only option. Forward into the wilderness. The sun was beginning to drop low and the burrs were particularly clingy to my jeans and socks. I was going to have to seek out shelter soon otherwise I'd be in trouble.

As I walked through the grove of magnificent, magical oaks, I heard the squirrel chitter away as it scampered after me. Interesting, I thought, my party grows.

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