Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pictures like this make my day:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

an urge to play videogames

microblog: It doesn't always happen, but right now I've the strongest urge to play some videogames. I am guessing that I've excess energy that can only be taken by the totally absorbing experience of playing something like Fallout 3 or perhaps the new Batman demo?

Unfortunately I'm not playing for a bit yet, since I've got visitor obligations and who can deny going out to breakfast on a Sunday morning?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy! Beautiful mother, beautiful father, happy!

It is a happy accident that I met my girlfriend three years ago. It's a happy accident that I have continued to email and keep in contact with one of my old high school teachers who, it turned out, had a husband with lots of amazing connections and got me my current job. It's a happy accident that I don't really remember what incited me to open up blogger to write this evening.

But I'm continually in amazement over the simplicity of this world. The fact that we create these beautiful tapestries that we call lives, we create them out of the simplest events. Going to dinner with someone, reading a book, playing a video game, traveling into the wilderness to bond with friends and get attacked by mosquitoes. Eating, drinking, walking, talking, playing. Am I playing games to escape all of these beautiful things? No, I guess I am playing for my desire to extend my life beyond its normal bounds.

Recently I have been reading the Harry Potter books and I finally did it for two reasons. A) I finally noticed Ginny in the latest movie and thought, hey, she's pretty cute. I wonder what she's like in the novels. And B) I understood that there really was a depth to the world that Rowling had created. My Tolkien elitism settled down and I've been able to enjoy a fascinating world that expands my imagination. The imagination is so powerful and it holds the special place in my heart that recognizes my dreams and thoughts of unreal things can matter just as much to the internal tapestry of my life as any tangible reality.

So, despite Harry Potter not being real, that addition to my mind of a fantastical school of wizardry extends my universe a little more. He is, at times, almost as important as the hike I took a couple weeks back. Or as prominent as the unfortunate homeless I pass on my way to work. Or as captivating as the movement out of the corner of my eye late at night in my apartment that gets my adrenaline pumping? Isn't that amazing? I have read Rowling's words, and now her real imagination is part of my own intangible existence.